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Find Out What That Light on the Dashboard Means With Our Auto Diagnostic Service

Do you happen to notice the check engine light is on while driving? The information displayed on your dashboard can be a little bit tricky to understand. This is because the light may indicate an underlying issue in the car. To make sure, talking to an auto mechanic is the best option.

Import Auto Service provides an auto diagnostic service in Hillsboro, OR. What we do is link your car’s system to our computer to identify what is wrong with the vehicle. Our service doesn’t stop there. We have experienced mechanics who will double check the code before giving an assessment.

In our company, we value accuracy. We don’t rely on the system alone to make a diagnosis. This is because a serious problem may be overlooked if done this way. If you want a precise assessment of your car, then head to our shop. Talk to our mechanic and our expert will gladly inspect it.

A car repair is crucial in keeping your ride in running condition. That is why you shouldn’t solely rely on a simple test. Getting hands-on assessment with the diagnostic is something you should consider. A malfunctioning reader or a glitching system can lead to unnecessary repairs.

Dial (503) 443-0462 and set an appointment with our team. Find out whether the problem lies in the engine, brake, or transmission. It won’t take long before our expert gets a confirmation of the problem. Hire our team to get the right fix the first time around.

Here at Import Auto Service, we value our clients. That is why we only follow industry standards. We use quality tools and machine when doing an inspection. We don’t take shortcuts and always deliver a service with a smile. Stop by our garage to meet our experts.

Witness how we fix your car and stop the lights from bothering you again. Our auto diagnostic service is available to all motorist in Hillsboro, OR. If you own a car, go to our place for a quality fix.