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The Auto Repair Shop You Can Trust!

Is your car badly damaged due to a recent car collision? Or maybe your car is not running? Whatever the issues you have with your car, you can come to Import Auto Service anytime for the help. We provide quality car repair for various car issues here in Hillsboro, OR. As a trusted auto repair shop since 2001, we make sure that we’ll handle the repair better and faster.

If you’re still dubious on trusting us for the service, here are some of our qualities:

We are experienced

Don’t want your car to get in more trouble? If you don’t want the damage to get worse, you should ask help from our auto mechanic as soon as possible. We are knowledgeable and experienced already in handling various auto damages, from minor to severe ones. Despite the car model you’re using, leave that to us to repair it as soon as possible.

We have all the necessary tools

One thing that we can guarantee our clients is that the way we handle our auto repair service is of high-quality. With our top-grade materials and dedicated auto mechanics, we sure won’t fail to keep an eye on your car issues. We also made sure that after we do the repair, we’ll do a double-check on our work before we hand your car back.

We are insured and licensed

Aside from getting quality car repair service from us, what you can assure from us is that your car is safe with us. Our auto repair shop is licensed already to operate on the services we provide. Plus, whenever there are issues as we do our service, we’ll help you recover from it. Since we are insured, we can cover the damages financially.

If you need quality car maintenance and repair, don’t forget to come to Import Auto Service. Give us a call now at (503) 443-0462 or visit us here in Hillsboro, OR.