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The Auto Shop to Go to for Professional Car Service!

Are you having problems with your car? If you think you’ve experienced some car issues, take it to a trusted car shop as soon as possible. If you’re living in Hillsboro, OR, you can take it to Import Auto Service. We are one of the dependable car shops here in the area. With over 18 years of providing high-quality car service, we’ve never failed to satisfy our clients with the outcome of our service. That is why they keep on coming back whenever they need our service.

Want to know what we offer? Read more about our services:

Car Maintenance

Got no time to maintain your car? Well, you have to remember that it’s vital to maintain your car at all costs, especially when they’re used for how many years already. That is why you should come to us anytime if you need auto maintenance. It helps not just in keeping the car well-maintained, but also in prolonging the use of your car.

Engine Repair & Maintenance

Do you feel like your engine needs a little repair? Whenever you feel like your engine needs a little or major touch-up, you can ask our professional auto mechanic to do the repair for you. We are very willing to provide your car with quality maintenance and repair. We want to ensure you that your investment in us will be a great deal to your car.

Brake Repair

Whenever the brakes of your car are not working, take them to the shop immediately. That will reduce the tendency of your car to be more damaged. Plus, it also helps in protecting you from car accidents and such. You need not worry about how we do the repair since we have all the complete tools and equipment to do so.

Oil Change

Oil needs to be changed, too. That is why if you haven’t changed your oil yet, make sure to visit our shop today! We have a lot of quality oil in stock for you. We also have experience in changing oil for various car units, so you can trust us solely to do the job better.

If you want to know more about our services, contact Import Auto Service now at (503) 443-0462. We are proud to serve areas of Hillsboro, OR and .