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The Engine Repair Company You Can Depend on!

Got problems with your car’s engine? Whether you’re experiencing faulty oxygen sensor, clogged radiator, or worn spark plug, get your engine repaired real quick from Import Auto Service, your trusted engine repair company in Hillsboro, OR. We are a reliable company that provides meticulous repair to various car engine problems.

If you’re interested to know more about how we do the repair, read more details below:

We inspect

Before anything else, we will get to know the problem first. We will analyze the root cause of the problem, and we will get to know what the actual problem is all about. From there, we will know easily how to address the problem.

We plan out

After we figure out the problem, we will then proceed with planning the repair work. This is the part where auto mechanics will try to brainstorm on the best way how to solve the problem. That’s the time where auto mechanics will also look for other solutions to solve the problem. That helps in having a smooth engine repair.

We do the repair

After the plan has been set, we will do the repair right away. Whenever we do the repair work, we see to it that we only focus on doing the work. That will help prevent further issues that will cause problems in your car sooner. You can trust us to do the work since our auto mechanics are trained to be competent and determined once they’re admitted to our engine repair company already.

We do quality check

After we do the repair, we’ll then proceed with the quality check. This is where we see if the results of the work are done accurately or not. If ever we missed something, we’ll do some touch-ups to cover the issue.

If you want to have your engine repaired today, come and visit Import Auto Service here in Hillsboro, OR. We also do brake repair, transmissions repair, etc. Contact us at (503) 443-0462 for service inquiries.