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Auto repair services may be required at any time and anywhere. And it is always better to turn to a qualified auto mechanic like Import Auto Service in Hillsboro, OR. Our team has the knowledge, the right tools, and spare parts, as well as extensive industry expertise to provide an efficient solution and quality repair service that meets your needs. Whether you are a member of the local community or live in one of the following areas, keep in mind, we are the right auto repair shop for your car maintenance, diagnostic and repair needs:

North Plains, OR
Cornelius, OR
Forest Grove, OR
North Plains, OR
Banks, OR

As a reliable engine repair company, we cut no corners when it comes to the safety of our customers. So we invest in our equipment, tools, and always use quality spare parts from leading brands.

Whether you need brakes, engine, or a transmission repair service, turn to us! We have the resources, knowledge, and experience to deliver the quality results you desire and deserve. We also offer regular car maintenance, a routine inspection of a vehicle which is conducted to make sure it is in good working order. It is always good to have your car inspected on a regular basis, so that any problems can be identified at an early stage, allowing you to intervene promptly to correct them. Call us at (503) 443-0462 today to take advantage of the professional services we offer!