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Fix Slipping Gears and Tough Clutches With Our Transmission Repair

Do you happen to notice that your gear stick slips from time to time? Look for a transmission repair service provider and get it fixed right away. A slipping gear stick is dangerous. You may lose control of your vehicle and end up getting into an accident. Talk to Import Auto Service and find out what the problem is.

We are an auto shop that provides various automotive repairs. From regular inspection to transmission repair, you can rely on us to do an awesome job. We are based in Hillsboro, OR. Whenever you are in the area, choose our experts to take care of your car. With us, you get a professional diagnosis from our licensed mechanics.

There are two ways to fix your transmission: repair or rebuild. We repair transmissions that don’t have serious issues. For instance, regular leaks or delayed engagements. However, when you have difficulty in shifting gears, this is the time we suggest a rebuild.

Worn out gears and bearings can cause this. To make sure, we take apart the transmission to find out. We have a fully-equipped facility to handle this task. We are careful and meticulous when doing this. We assure you that you end up with a better unit after we are done.

No more gear delays or burning smell once we fix it. Don’t put yourself and other motorists at risk by getting your car repaired. Dial (503) 443-0462 and set up an appointment. Get a transmission repair service from our experts today.

Don’t wait before your transmission starts to smell burnt before doing anything. Keep your ride in working condition to get a smooth ride all the time.

With Import Auto Service, whether it is a transmission rebuild or repair, we got your back. Expert assistance is only a call away. Visit our shop at Hillsboro, OR to witness how we do it. Check out our facilities and speak to our mechanics to know more about the process.