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Do Not Delay, Contact Your Professional Transmission Shop for All Your Car Troubles

Buying a car is a substantial investment, and as such, you will want it to function well for a long time. At one time or another, you will have to get in touch with a reputable local transmission shop for different fixes and amendments. Choosing Import Auto Service for your next car trouble is a wise decision because of our mechanics’ unquestionable experience and reputation. Our shop is in Hillsboro, OR and would like to reveal more details further on this page.

Our Services Involve:

Engine Repair

Engine Repair
We troubleshoot and repair gasoline and diesel engines of trucks, vans, SUVs, cars, and even motorcycles. Knowing the fundamental mechanical concepts, including cooling, electrical, and fuel systems, we can help strengthen the motor and prolong its lifespan. We know the most common signs of engine failure and offer adequate solutions to every problem related to overheating, poor mileage, leaks, etc.

Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair
One specialized transmission repair service is what you need when your car starts to misbehave on the road. Manual or automatic, our skilled technicians work on all kinds of transmissions. If you cannot shift your vehicle from gear to gear, then maybe the gearbox needs replacing. We will carefully examine the components of the transmission system and offer an appropriate resolution.

Brakes Repair

Brakes Repair
Any issues with the brakes? Our professional brake repair service has you covered! Our team of dexterous mechanics offers the repair or replacement of damaged or worn brake pads, rotors, calipers, or brake lines. If you can hear loud sounds when you press the brake pedal or encounter other issues with the brake system, give us a call immediately. We will inspect them and carry out the necessary repairs.

Computer Diagnostics & Inspections

Computer Diagnostics & Inspections

Your vehicle does not just need a visual inspection of its engine, brakes, and other components. Our professionals use some cutting-edge devices and equipment to properly diagnose and resolve the vehicle’s issues the first time so you can get back on the road as promptly as possible. Our experts conduct special computer diagnostic car services that will help reveal some hidden malfunctions and address them accordingly. 

DEQ Testing & Regular Maintenance

DEQ Testing & Regular Maintenance
At our local shop, you can also schedule your DEQ smog check. The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) will require your vehicle to pass a test to approve the levels of emissions and car exhausts. Our specially trained technicians will inspect the condition of your vehicle’s exhaust system and what emissions it releases into the atmosphere. If any corrections need performing, we will do it.


Auto Repair in Hillsboro, OR

What Do You Gain?

Our proficient auto repair specialists are at your service to inspect your vehicle, detect any evident and hidden malfunctions, and troubleshoot them according to the necessary standards and practices. We work on both domestic and foreign makes, regardless of their age or model. Our services are cost-effective too. For any difficulties with your SUV or car, call us today. 

Auto Diagnostic Service in Hillsboro, OR

We work on both domestic and foreign makes, regardless of their age or model. Our services are cost-effective too. For any difficulties with your SUV or car, call us today.

Brake Repair Service in Hillsboro, OR

How Do We Operate?

Schedule our excellent transmission service now to find out what your vehicle needs. As a reputable local shop, many different car owners with various issues visit us. We help them all with fast and high-quality services at bargain prices. All our working methods adhere to the industry regulations. 

Transmission Repair Service in Hillsboro, OR

For commendable auto repair services, get in touch with Import Auto Service. Our established service provider is situated in Hillsboro, OR. For any questions, reach us today

Client’s Testimonial

by Steve B. on Import Auto Service
Excellent Service!

My car's diesel engine was serviced by these professionals, and I was surprised and impressed to see how quickly they found and addressed all the malfunctions. I do recommend this local computer diagnostic car service to all vehicle owners and endorse their professionalism.

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