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Keeping a car in a good state all the time can be difficult to do, especially if you have no experience in doing it. Doing so may cause further damage to your vehicle which will give you even more problems. So if you need assistance in doing repairs in your car, you should hire a professional who can do it correctly. One reputable company that can make the necessary repairs is Import Auto Service. If you are located in Hillsboro, OR and in need of quality auto repair services, contact us right away!

Common Engine Problems Experienced By DriversEngine Repair in Hillsboro, OR

One common issue that usually happens with an engine is overheating. The engine is working all the time and has many moving parts inside that need to work in order to generate energy. And since it’s generating energy, it needs to be cooled down from time to time so that it won’t break down. The intercooler is responsible for making sure that the engine doesn’t overheat. If you spot that your temperature gauge is at its hottest already, it’s best that you pull over and wait for it to cool down so you can slowly drive it to an auto repair shop.

Another common engine issue is its tendency to turn off from time to time. This kind of problem only happens with cars that have been used for a long time and have not been maintained. The whole engine itself is usually worn out and damaged and it’s going to make you spend a lot of money on an engine repair.

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If ever you’re experiencing engine problems, you should bring your car over to our shop right away so that we can have it repaired. Before doing the repairs, we make sure that we inspect all parts of the engine for issues before working on it. This is to ensure that we completely eliminate all possible problems on the engine before you drive your car back on the road. Contact Import Auto Service if you’re looking for an auto repair shop in Hillsboro, OR that can perform engine repairs.

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