Not Just an Auto Repair Shop: We Can Also Assist You With Regular Car Maintenance in Hillsboro, OR

Regular Maintenance in Hillsboro, ORAs a car owner, you should be mindful of the condition of your vehicle. Regular maintenance helps identify problems and improve the overall condition of your car. The benefits of regular auto repair are numerous. If you need help keeping your vehicle in top condition, call Import Auto Service. We are a trusted auto repair shop in Hillsboro, OR, but we don’t just fix cars — we also maintain them! If you need assistance with the car maintenance process, don’t hesitate to call our team.

Proper Diagnosis and Assessment

The first thing a mechanic will do is inspect your vehicle. They will check the tires, take note of the paint, and inspect the interior to see if everything is in order. This will help them determine the cause of the issues with your car. We have been maintaining vehicles for many years and have encountered all kinds of makes and models, and we know how to properly handle each type of vehicle.

Efficient Repairs

You can save a lot of time by calling an auto repair expert. When you bring your car to our shop, we will make sure to give you an upfront estimate for the repairs and let you know what to expect during the process. We will also show you the parts that we replaced or repaired. We want to keep our customers informed about the steps we took so they can make an educated choice about the service.

Insured and Competent Workers

The best thing about hiring our auto repair shop is that we are insured and licensed. You are ensured that we have the proper training to work on your vehicle and that you will receive the right service. We can also provide you with our contact information so you can call us if you have any questions or concerns after our visit.

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