Get Your Brakes Check by an Expert Brake Repair Service

How to Identify a Faulty Brake

Identifying minor issues with your car’s brakes is crucial to avoid any dangerous situations like brake failure. The earlier you identify the problem, the easier it is to fix. Remember that a braking system has many moving parts such as a rotor, disc, caliper, etc. You may have to keep an eye on such components and hire an expert brake repair service. Refer to the below points to understand how to identify issues with brakes.

Screeching/grinding noises

It is a common sign that the brake pads are worn out and need a replacement. Ignoring brake pads could lead to a hefty repair bill as it may cause damage to other components as well.

Shaking brake pedal/steering wheel

If your brake pedal or the steering wheel is shaking/rumbling, it may be due to some issue with the rotors. So, head to the service center to get it checked whenever you feel that the pedal or steering wheel is shaking.

Burning smell from brakes

It may be a sign of multiple issues with the braking system. Generally, it indicates unwanted friction within the components.

Brake malfunction light

There are several warning lights on your dashboard, and the brake warning light is one of them. Whenever the brake warning light is on, never ignore it and take your car for a brake checkup.

Brake fading

It is nothing but the loss of stopping power when you pump the brake pedal. It is caused due to overheating and can also lead to a complete brake failure.

Brake fluid leakage

A slow leak in the brake fluid system can lead to brake failure. So, always pay attention to such leakages. Typically, you can find the fluid on tires if there is any leak.

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