Know When It Is Time for an Auto Repair

To Make Your Cars Lasts Longer

Most vehicles nowadays are designed to really stand the test of nature and driving. However, just like any other material things, they are not exempted to wear and tear and when this happens, timely repair is necessary. There are many clues that would let you know that your vehicle is in need of a trip to an auto repair shop, and what we have listed here are some of the most common ones across all types of vehicles.


These should be on top of the list. While vehicles, in general, would make noises due to the existence of an engine, there are just times when strange noises occur and anyone who’s been driving for quite some time would know that such is not normal to a car. Squealing sounds when braking, grinding while shifting gears, or unexplained knocks under the hood are among the ones that could mean something wrong is happening.


Vehicles do vibrate when you turn them on but it should not be uncomfortable worrying. Should you ever feel your excessive or abnormal shaking or vibrating a trip to the mechanic is needed. Some Common reasons could include a steering wheel that shakes back and forth, meaning it’s due for a wheel alignment, or the vibration of your gas pedal, which could indicate an exhaust leak.


While vehicles run with fluids, gas, engines, and the like, they should not produce a smell that is distracting. Odors can mean a variety of problems, including a worn-out clutch, or mold in your AC system or heater vents, which smells dirty laundry.

Timely repair is part of your car’s maintenance and this will ensure not just longevity but also the safety of the driver and the passenger. It has to be noted also that repairs and maintenance should be done by someone qualified and trusted. In Hillsboro, OR and the surrounding areas, Import Auto Service is your trusted name when it comes to auto repair. Call us at (503) 443-0462 for inquiries.

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