Signs You Need Brake Repair Services

Here’s When You Should Have Your Brakes Checked

A lot of car owners aren’t really sure when they should have their brake system checked by brake repair experts. This is extremely dangerous since brake issues can increase your risk of getting into an accident, particularly when you’re driving on roads with heavy traffic and when you’re driving at high speeds.

To keep accidents at bay and ensure you (and other motorists) are safe on the road, you must get professional brake inspections on a regular basis. You should also look out for signs that indicate that your brakes are worn or damaged and need to be fixed or replaced. We’ve listed some of these signs below:

Brake Lights on Your Dashboard

It’s never a good idea to ignore the red or yellow brake warning lights when they come up on your dashboard. Usually, they indicate that your brake systems just need to be checked but, sometimes, they’re also a sign that something’s wrong with your brakes. Contact your mechanic right away when you see these lights.

Strange Noises While Driving

Numerous factors can cause your car to produce odd noises when you’re on the road. However, one of the most common culprits is your brakes. If you hear a high-pitched squeaking or squealing when you drive, and if the noise stops when you step on the brakes, you most likely have worn-out brake pads that need to be replaced ASAP. Ignoring them can lead to rotor damage, which is more difficult to fix.

Spongy Brakes That Feel Too Soft to the Touch

Manual brakes usually stop at least three inches from the floor when you step on them, while power brakes stop around one inch to one-half inches from the floor. If your brakes go beyond these limits, and you find that your foot almost reaches the floor when you step on the brakes, call your mechanic ASAP. Your braking system might have a moisture problem or a faulty master cylinder — both of which should never be ignored.

If you notice these signs, get the help of a professional mechanic like Import Auto Service. Based in Hillsboro, OR, we offer professional brake repair services and can help you bring your brake system back to good shape. Contact us now at (503) 443-0462!