What to Consider When Looking for a Local Auto Shop

Does Your Car Need a Service?

One thing to consider when choosing a local auto shop is their reputation. Local garages are known within the community. However, it still pays to speak to colleagues, local businesses and friends who they use for servicing and repairs.

You should also check with your local Better Business Bureau to see if there is any negative feedback on the numerous auto shops within your area. A good indication to a shop’s popularity will be how many cars are visible within the garage or parking sections.

There are different levels of service one can expect from auto repair shops. The top are service centers, offered by new car dealerships. The mechanics who work there will be trained by at least one car manufacturer, so they will be familiar with particular models and will be able to obtain original factory components. The biggest disadvantage of using a dealership will be the price. Unless your car is under warranty or your insurance policy will cover all charges, parts and labor fees will be much higher at these repair shops.

The next type of service are local chain or private repair shops. Look for training certificates within waiting areas. Private repair shops will feature certified mechanics who love what they do. And because the shop is not associated with any particular manufacturer, the mechanics will be free to use any after market or salvaged parts when possible. Labor charges will be less because the mechanic only uses the hours they work, instead of the official time of repairs which is listed within repair manuals.

Maybe the cheapest service is the shade tree one. Some individuals just love to tinker with cars as a hobby, so you could strike a deal with one for them to maintain your car. If you not need your car fixed immediately and you’re not overly worried about quality workmanship, such mechanic will be the way to go.

So if you are looking for your local auto shop in the Hillsboro, OR area, call Import Auto Service today at (503) 443-0462.