Why Use an Auto Diagnostic Service

What Is a Car Diagnostic Test & Why Is It So Important?

Annual checkups from your doctor can help to keep you healthy, and to diagnose any potential issues. Well, the same can be said about your car, booking your car into an auto diagnostic service will help to detect potential issues with your vehicle before they turn into expensive repairs, or worse, leave you on the side of the road after suffering from a breakdown. While most people mistakenly think diagnostic tests are only required when the check engine light blinks on, there are numerous benefits to taking a proactive approach to your vehicle’s maintenance.

What is involved in a diagnostic test?

Of all the technological advances this is the most beneficial one. Using specialized software, diagnostic tools can quickly and accurately pinpoint problem areas in an engine or elsewhere, due to built-in processors, sensors, and microchips.

What areas are tested?

Diagnostic tests will often reveal issues in the engine, transmission, exhaust, brakes, and other major components, in addition to performance issues with fuel injectors, airflow and ignition coils, coolant, and throttle.

However, a misconception is technicians will use code-reading tools to determine the problem that made the check engine light come on in the first place. In actual fact, the code will tell the technicians which engine or component parameter is out of range, however, will not detail the cause. This is when a good mechanic comes into play, as they will use their vast knowledge to diagnose what the underlying problem is.

What are the benefits of a diagnostic test?

Before the emergence of diagnostic testing, identifying problems were both time-consuming and expensive, especially when car owners only brought their cars to mechanics once they suffered a breakdown or other malfunctions. Now, computerized car components are able to detect issues long before they result in breakdowns.

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