Will Auto Repair Shops Be Able to Fix a Cracked Cylinder Head?

What Is a Cylinder Head in Terms of an Engine Part?

A cylinder head is a vital part in any combustion engine, and one crack will result in major damage done to an engine, as reputable professionals will tell you. In some cases, a cylinder head cracking could result in severe damage done to an engine that it has to be replaced. Because of this, most vehicle owners try to prevent this from happening, as prevention in these cases is worth the time. The causes of a cylinder head cracking are easy to prevent, except with mechanical failure due to no fault of the owner.

The cylinder head, combined with the head gasket, seals the cylinders in a car’s engine, along with other parts that are used in conjunction with them. The head is customized for a vehicle and have milled surfaces to offer smooth and flush fit with all the other connecting parts. With the case of a small crack, the cylinders could lose compression and start to misfire. Major cracks create severe damage to the cylinders. For this, when replacing the head or the gasket, ensure you are using the right parts, including bolts.

Even a new car could have problems with the head cracking, if the parts have been installed poorly or if there is a weaknesses within the metal, especially with the case of a vehicle still under warranty, drivers need to contest the head cracking with their car dealer. Be sure to check any vehicle before you buy it to check for any weak spots in the metal. This should include the head gasket, because improper installation of this part can make a cylinder head crack.

The most common reason a cylinder head cracks is due to overheating. When a car overheats, it places more stress on its metal components, including the head, which is often located right at the heart of the heat. This can make a head gasket fail, which in turn leads a cylinder head to crack as its components warp and pressure starts to leak. If you think you have a problem with this, you should take your vehicle to some of the reputable auto repair shops in your area.

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